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Our Story

Hello everyone, I am Pablo, the co-founder of Ace Sex Doll and the customer service supervisor of Ace Sex Doll. I want to tell you the story of our brand and team.
My friend and I founded a sex doll factory together in 2018. Before that, we had been in this industry for more than 10 years. The sex doll industry originated in the United States, but most of the doll brands are produced in factories in China. I have experienced the entire development process from inflatable dolls to silicone dolls to the most popular TPE dolls. 
Throughout the process, I have seen the prosperity and growth of the industry, and I am very happy. Of course, I have also seen the bad things in this industry. For example, some factories use inferior materials to produce dolls and then sell them to buyers. Some traders use very nice pictures to deceive buyers. After the buyers place an order, the dolls they receive are completely different from the pictures. I am heartbroken. This is not what I want to see. These unscrupulous merchants are harming the industry and the reputation of the Chinese people.
For this, I thought I needed to do something to change it.
In 2018, I founded this company with my friends.
The purpose of our company is: let everyone can buy their own dolls and enjoy the real fun of dolls!
Our members include senior engineers with 20 years of production experience, as well as young people who are full of passion and yearning for this industry. Our team has an average of more than 15 years of experience in this industry. We started to produce dolls ourselves.
In 2019, we started to sell our dolls online. Such as AliExpress and Amazon. But because of the restrictions of some adult products on the platform and the vicious competition on AliExpress, such as fraudulent sales, their dolls are sold at a price even lower than our logistics fee. It is conceivable how inferior their products will be. We finally chose to leave.
In 2020, we founded the website Acesexdoll.com to sell our dolls, and at the same time, we position ourselves as a one-stop shopping platform. We have our own dolls, and we will also sell dolls of other brands as an agency.
In the whole year of 2020, we sold more than 700 dolls through Acesexdoll.com and sold more through other means. Most of the dolls are sold to the United States. Some of these customers who buy sex dolls are middle-aged divorced or widowed men who are unwilling to go whoring, and some are elderly people who are old but still need comfort. Some couples buy together and want to try this threesome that does not violate the principle of marriage loyalty.
No matter what purpose the buyer buys dolls for, I believe that our dolls bring them comfort and fun.
We also believe that excellent product quality and service are the most critical reason why we can achieve these sales.
In 2021, we will, as always, thank you for your support!

Pablo   2021.6.23


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