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Gynoid doll (Silicone)

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Gynoid doll is a Chinese manufacturer of life-sized and lifelike silicone love dolls.
All Gynoid dolls so far are modular; you can remove (and replace) the arms, and on some models even the legs. That makes storage easier, but there will be always seamlines.

Other innovative features by Gynoid Tech. are the fully articulated hands that use hinged joints, and the capability to stand on their own feet without bolts or pegs. And there is a lot more to discover like a subtle skin texture and a high-end surface finishing.

In the field of silicone dolls, gynoid is the industry's first, and Gynoid's products are all silicone products. The skin textures and blood vessels are clearly visible, the hand feels very good, the workmanship is very exquisite, the product is also the best in the field of silica gel, and has won the respect of other manufacturers. Today Gynoid has developed 14 bodies, the latest product is Gynoid 14.


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