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Introduction of well-known doll brands

As sex dolls become more and more popular, there are more and more factories producing dolls. Some factories make very delicate dolls, and some factories specialize in making imitations. As consumers, you must be very careful when buying dolls, otherwise, you are very likely to be deceived by buying fakes. This article introduces the very well-known manufacturers and brands in China.

1.WM dolls
WM dolls are currently the king of TPE sex dolls

We are a set production and sales as one of professional model manufacturing factory in China. Our factory is committed to research and development and production of national patent products - simulation soft elastomer model.
High simulation software produced by our factory model using the latest environmental protection material (TPE), adopt advanced unique production process, make the model surface skin smooth and delicate, full of elasticity, has a general sense of soft, elastic, and human skin feeling and visual feeling.
All materials complied with National Health & Safety Standard which is harmless to humans and is environmentally friendly.

The Wm doll represents the most advanced manufacturing level in this industry. The dolls produced are well received by doll enthusiasts all over the world and attract countless pirated manufacturers. They imitate the Wm doll. Each of our products has a special anti-counterfeiting certification. Books, if you see our products sold at very low prices (less than 800$) on other websites, it must be fake.

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Gynoid is currently the king of silicone sex dolls

Gynoid doll is a Chinese manufacturer of life-sized and lifelike silicone love dolls.
All Gynoid dolls so far are modular; you can remove (and replace) the arms, and on some models even the legs. That makes storage easier, but there will be always seamlines.

Other innovative features by Gynoid Tech. are the fully articulated hands which use hinged joints, and the capability to stand on their own feet without bolts or pegs. And there is a lot more to discover like a subtle skin texture and a high-end surface finishing.

In the field of silicone dolls, gynoid is the industry's first, and Gynoid's products are all silicone products. The skin textures and blood vessels are clearly visible, the hand feels very good, the workmanship is very exquisite, the product is also the best in the field of silica gel, and has won the respect of other manufacturers. Today Gynoid has developed 13 bodies, the latest product is Gynoid 13.

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3.Piper doll

Piper doll is a Chinese doll brand manufacturer. The biggest feature of its product is the use of a brand-new EVO body structure, while the head and body are integrated (seamless, non-detachable), Every Piper Doll >= 130 cm will provide a free-hanging hook to strengthen the tongue.
The TPE material of the piper doll is platinum TPE from Japan, smooth and soft.

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4.Fire doll

FireDoll is a small well-known doll maker, their dolls are very popular in Europe. Because they have many years of experience in the industry, their production costs are relatively well-controlled, so they can give customers more affordable prices.

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5.Sy doll

SY Doll is a leading manufacturer specializing in the TPE sex dolls brand. they have R&D groups to support your own design doll, packaging design, mold making, plastic injection, plastic pouring Silicone production, and sample testing Since 2014, they have been supplying our products to many famous sex dolls online stores.
And they have established global sales in U.S European, Japanese, and Continental Chinese markets either in ODM or OEM cooperation.
All sex dolls have passed CE and RoHS certification.

SY Doll products are mainly TPE, the price is very affordable, is a very good choice for entry-level dolls

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6.Jy doll

The JY Doll brand is one of the most professional brands in manufacturing and selling real dolls. They have always focused on the design and production of many different kinds of dolls. They have our expectations for the pursuit of beauty. To achieve this goal, they have 20 people working as sculptors, 3D model designers, electronic engineers, and dressing tables in the engineering department.

The real simulation doll is made of all imported new environmentally friendly polymer materials. The inside of the doll is a metal skeleton, which can stay in shape for a long time and can move in various postures. The products comply with the relevant safety and environmental standards stipulated by the state and guarantee 100% quality. All products have obtained FDA, CE, and RoHS certifications.

Most of the body of Jydoll's products are made of TPE material, and the head is made of silicone. At the same time, it has the characteristics of a very fine head and very soft body, which has certain advantages in the overall cost of the entire doll.
At present, Jy doll's brand and workmanship are in the forefront level in China, and Wm doll, Gynoid doll and the top level in the industry

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